Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The french revelosion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The french revelosion - Essay Example The entire journey the political sphere of France underwent its course and the future path that it set forth. Out of many causes and factors that led to the initiation of the French Revolution, the political struggle, the process and journey undertaken was one of the main influence and describing factor of the revolution. The mention of the revolution would remain incomplete without the mention of the events, the policies and philosophies that were introduced in the political corridors throughout the course of the French Revolution. It was the political deprivation that had led to the resentment and feeling of alienation within the society. The case of voting by orders against voting by counts and heads was the main point of conflict. The General Assembly was existent only in name, and the last time it met, it was only in the beginning of the 17th century in 1614(Hill 2002). Since then it had not met. Like the rest of the Europe, France has had a history of being ruled by the monarchs. The dynastic rules being ruled by families was a prominent and common affair. In France it was King Louis XVI who was in power at the time of French revolution. He had succeeded his brother King Louis the XV. The dynastic and monarchic style of ruling had led to gulf building between the masses and the rulers. As a result of which, resentment crept in the ranks and the people started demanding for reforms. The reforms so demanded were of such nature that would provide them a relatively louder voice and better representation unlik e the pre revolutionary days. Once the revolution set off, the monarchy was sent packing. The king and his authority were marginalized and were cornered to a ceremonial post and function only. In times ahead, the king would see further humiliation, alienation and subsequent persecution and ultimate elimination. The following were major events and entities that came forth in the form of political innovation and activities in the course of French

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